The historical city of Exeter is situated in the county of Devon, South West England, on the river Exe. Along with a history that pre-dates the arrival of the Romans in 50 AD, the city also boasts a vibrant modern life, with a variety of attractions, shops, museums and galleries.

Take a tour around Exeter’s City Wall Trail; a well-preserved Roman wall, dating back two thousand years. Alternatively, visit the Gothic Cathedral, which goes back 900 years and is thought of as one of England’s most beautiful medieval cathedrals.

Further in the centre lies the lively high street with various shops that can fulfill all your shopping needs, whilst underneath the modern high-streets lies vaulted, medieval passages. These mysterious tunnels, which were used to supply clean drinking water to the Exeter people during the medieval period, can now be explored with guided tours.

Discover Powderham Castle, which is thought to have been built in 1391, by Sir Phillip de Courtenay. Learn about the Castle’s history all the way from the 11th to the 21st century.

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is located in a stunning Gothic Revival building, just opposite the Guildhall Shopping Centre, and offers beautiful exhibitions, exquisite displays and galleries exposing Devon and Exeter’s history.

Exeter is surrounded by stunning countryside, including Dartmoor National Park, where you can encounter a variety of exciting activities like walking, cycling and water sports. The coast is also a short distance away and provides picturesque sandy beaches and even more water sports, should you feel so adventurous.