Shrek’s Adventure

Shrek’s Adventure

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Shrek Adventure! London is an indoor walk-and-ride attraction inspired by the hit DreamWorks franchise; this fully-immersive storytelling exhibition gives younger fans the chance to go on another fun-filled adventure with their favourite characters as the hilarious world of Shrek and friends is brought to life.

This amazing tour combines ten laugh-out-loud live shows and classic sets from the Shrek films with captivating storytelling, an amazing 4D ride, dramatic special effects and extraordinary DreamWorks animation.

Donkey’s magical 4D bus ride will have visitors being rocked and splashed as they travel on an aerial tour of central London with their cheeky tour guide, Donkey, before crashing in Shrek’s smelly and muddy swamp. Visitors will have to make their way through the magic mirror maze, create powerful potions with Gingy and take part in a game show to save Pinocchio, and then beat Lord Farquaad’s mean magic mirror before they can make it safely home.

Visitors will also be able to see other famous DreamWorks characters such as the Marty and Gloria from Madagascar, Po from Kung Fu Panda and their favourite characters from How to Train Your Dragon. Learn how to be a Viking, juggle plates with Mr. Ping, and help the Madagascar gang get home safely!

Situated in County Hall along the River Thames, Shrek's Adventure! London is close to other attractions in the area including the Coca-Cola London Eye, the Sea Life London Aquarium and the London Dungeon - visitors to have a jam-packed fun-filled day of excitement.  

Key Points
  • The smallest characters in the attraction are the Three Blind Mice. Guests will find this iconic trio stranded by volcanic lava below The Rickety Bridge.
  • In the immersive and hilarious fantasy world of Shrek, guests will notice a number of smells as they make their way through their adventure – from the pungent reek of Shrek’s damp Swamp to the comforting aroma of Muffin Man’s House.
  • It took a team of over 40 over two years to bring to life the hilarious fantasy world of Shrek and Far Far Away, including more than 100 builders from 20 different trades, plus animators, designers, engineers, artists, script writers, theatre directors and costume designers.
  • The biggest model in the attraction is in the Arrivals Hall, where Toothless from the DreamWorks Animation ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, swoops overhead with a whopping six metre wingspan.

Shrek’s Adventure