Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

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Warwick Castle was built in 1068 on the orders of William the Conqueror and then redeveloped in the 12th century. 200 years later the town facing facade was renovated, making it one of the best examples of medieval military architecture. 

The castle has been a popular tourist destination for centuries, keeping those interested in history and heritage entertained. In the 1970s the castle was bought over by an entertainment company and ever since seasonal exhibits from bird-of-prey shoes to tellings of ghost stories have excited visitors. 

Key Points

Warwick school was founded in the castle and now resides a short distance away, over the River Avon.

The castle is home to one of the largest trebuchets in the world which can launch projectiles upto 300 metres and takes four men to load. 

Formal gardens belonging to Warwick Castle were first recorded in 1534


Warwick Castle