School Integration

School Integration

The ultimate year-round UK school experience

Our programme is ideal for 8 to 18-year-old students who want to experience the British curriculum, make new friends and practise English in an authentic environment. Students can immerse themselves in UK school life and enjoy subjects that they may not be able to study at home. Our partner schools are located throughout the UK, from large cities to coastal towns and the countryside, providing the perfect opportunity for students to experience the UK’s exciting diversity. 


Course eligibility

• Age: 8-18

• English Level: A2 (Pre-Intermediate)


What’s included

• Full integration programme (1 – 3 weeks)

• Airport transfers

• Meet & Greet

• Accommodation

• Lunch in school

• School induction, orientation and introduction to ‘buddy’

• Certificate of achievement

• 24/7 Emergency contact and support


Experience the British curriculum

Immersive learning

Cultural integration is a key aspect of this programme. By fully involving students in the school day, they will participate in all lessons, including English, Maths, History and Geography, all of which are taught according to the British National Curriculum. There may also be lessons included in the weekly timetable that students do not have at home, such as Food Technology, Music and Football Practice. Students could potentially enjoy a more diverse learning environment and lesson variation.


A ‘helping hand’ – and a new friend

Students will also get a ‘buddy’ for their time at school - someone to guide them through their day and help them to enjoy their time in the UK. An allocated ‘go-to’ staff member will be there to answer any of their questions and provide any additional help that is needed. In our experience, British children enjoy this exchange as much as their visitors because they learn about different cultures from each other.

Faster English skills development

Life in an English school naturally provides an opportunity to improve both skills and confidence in English at a speed that students may not be able to achieve with their education at home. Interaction with British children also means that they can adopt words and phrases not necessarily learned through tuition. Students may also be exposed to colloquial language and idioms which they can use to practise their English authentically.


Adapt to British life with homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation gives School Integration students the chance to gain an authentic experience of the UK and practise their English even outside of the classroom. They will be able to use English in a relaxed environment, and they will be able to pick up new vocabulary and improve pronunciation. Students will enjoy everyday life in an English home, sample English food and experience British culture, adopting the same lifestyle as their new British school friends.


A flexible programme with excellent partners

At Twin, we work with several excellent partner schools throughout London, and the rest of the UK, which have been graded as “good” or “outstanding” by Ofsted, the two top grades, meaning that you can have confidence in their quality of education. Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills, and is a government department. They inspect schools in England and Wales and focus on curriculum, learner behaviour, and personal development.

This ensures that your students are in a beneficial environment where they will experience rewarding tuition and full immersion into the UK school life. We work with various school types, open from September to July. You can choose from state schools & academies, grammar schools and private schools. Each school type is unique in its way, ensuring that we can provide a one-of-a-kind experience for all your school integration students.


Education in the UK

The UK education system is divided into stages based upon age:


Types of School


  • State schools & Academies

These are the most common type of school in the UK, attended by more than 90% of British schoolchildren. They generally have the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science combined with foundation subjects such as Art & Design, History and IT. Usually, they are separated by age and Key Stage as Primary Schools, for children aged 5 to 11 years, and Secondary Schools for students aged 11 – 16 or 18 years.  Our trusted state school partners include an award-winning London co-educational school, providing the perfect opportunity for your students to experience the excitement of London and a new school environment.

"UK schools are very different from what we imagined. All my students from Shanghai have been impressed by the beautiful campus and interesting lessons. My students practised their English speaking skills every day with native speakers, and some of them have planned to study in the UK for the long-term in the future.”

  • Lucy, Director, Shanghai New Horizon


Grammar schools

Grammar schools are typically more traditional than state schools and possess a strong focus on academic subjects because it was initially created for the teaching of classical languages. The criteria of most grammar schools in the UK are that they have retained traditional standards, although a broader range of subjects is now taught. Lessons can include anything from Classical Civilisation to Drama and Computer Science.  They accept students from age 11 to 18 years.

“I really liked staying in a family and going to a local school because this allowed me to get to know a different culture and lifestyle. I enjoyed the company of our English classmates and have become friends with some of them.”

Gaia - School integration, Grammar School


Private schools

Private schools are regarded as the most prestigious schools in the UK and are funded by tuition fees. They offer a broad range of subjects and regularly achieve the highest exam results. They are an ideal choice for students who want to enjoy an education in some of the most highly regarded schools in the country. Our private partner schools are housed in beautiful buildings, have excellent facilities and offer a traditional British learning experience.  They may take the full age range of pupils, or they may accept pupils aged 11 or 13 years from Prep Schools.

“I was particularly impressed to see how quickly our visiting students integrated into student life at our school and how much our pupils really enjoyed the experience of being a ‘buddy.’’

Diane - Director of Operations, London School


Comfortable accommodation and full integration

Students will stay with one of our trusted homestay hosts who regularly welcome overseas students. We aim to match students to the most suitable home, accommodating special requests where available to make sure they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We are also able to offer alternative accommodation with one of our partner residences.


In a homestay, your students can:

• Practise English in a relaxed environment and learn new vocabulary and pronunciation

• Enjoy everyday life in an English home, try English food and experience British culture

"Our students were very happy at school. Every student gave 10/10 to the school. They love the school, buddies, classes and how they were so welcomed. Host families were nice and helpful. Students love their host families.   Excursions were good. I am happy with the end result.’’

Cherie - Agent Partner, Thailand


Exciting activities to explore more of London

UK School hours are typically between 8.30am and 3.30pm, giving your group plenty of opportunities to extend their activities into the afternoon. London offers a wide variety of things to see and do. For more ideas, please request the independent sightseeing information pack from your agent.


Optional extras & upgrades

Upgrade your students’ experience with accredited English tuition

Students can also boost their learning with British Council accredited language tuition, from our English School in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. This world-famous location is home to the Prime Meridian, the Royal Observatory and the beautiful Greenwich Park. Lessons can take place in the afternoon after the school day has finished, or before/after the school integration placement.


Available lesson opportunities include:

• General English

• Exam preparation for IELTS or Cambridge

• Part-time courses such as Conversation and 1-2-1 lessons


Our integration programme is more than just about school...

We want your groups to make the most of London and see the rest of the UK while they’re here. Our experienced travel team can offer many choices for popular day trips and excursions, including cultural, leisure and shopping activities. We can create a package that is tailored to your group’s needs.


“This programme has enabled our school to take part in an international learning experience allowing our exchange students to speak English as much as possible in and outside lessons. This has provided our school and students with a brilliantly diverse international environment. Our students embraced this opportunity and welcomed our guests with excitement and curiosity. The experience was very enjoyable for both staff and students alike.”

- Business Academy School


UK School Experience -  Innovation and Technology Camp in Chester

This exciting course lets international students study alongside British children for up to 3 weeks during summer 2020.

The curriculum is primarily focused on technology and innovation, with students able to immerse themselves in a start-up environment where they can learn about coding, 3d printing, robotics and creative media.

The Innovation and Tech Camp features

• 30+ innovative courses for all skill levels
• A taste of independence and a glimpse into college life
• A fun-filled daily schedule with approximately five hours of learning, two hours of socialising
  and activities, and flexible free time to finesse projects and unwind with games.

All courses are supervised by trained teaching staff and assisted by UK school students. A mix of international visiting students and local UK students will study at the camp, meaning international students can immerse themselves in an English speaking environment. Homestay accommodation gives students even more chance to practice their English in a native English speaking setting.

Classes take place in a modern campus from the heart of Chester, an attractive Roman town in northwest England. Find out more about Chester here.  

We can offer 1, 2 or 3-week programmes depending on your itinerary, and students' programmes will be tailored to the duration:


Key Facts:

Age: 10+

Location: Chester

Minimum English level: Intermediate

Times 9.00am -16.30pm 

Start Dates: Monday 06th July - Friday 24th July

                    Monday 03rd August – Friday 21st August

Duration:1,2or 3 weeks



Contact us to find out more about this new and exciting opportunity.